Meet The Baristas

character profile pic with names small 1

Bambi Vaughn
Nicknames: Bam, Bam Bam, Mama Bams, and Hot lips.
Relationship status: Single?
Personality traits: Sarcastic, Flirtatious, fun and crazy.
Hobbies: Impersonating annoying women’s voices and drinking during work hours.

Adyn Logan
Nicknames: A and Aids (to her disliking).
Relationship Status: Very single.
Personality Traits: Sarcastic, witty, uninhibited and vain.
Hobbies: Knocking ice cream cones out of small children’s hands and sleeping in as late as physically possible.

Bailey Blake
Nicknames: Bay, Bails, Baby Bay, Irish Cream, and Sexy.
Relationship Status: Single.
Personality Traits: Sarcastic, OCD, Energetic, slightly Bi-Polar, and Very Friendly.
Hobbies: Riding her horse Clove, and being incredibly neat and tidy, and occasionally throwing something at the rude customer.

Cynthia Darkly
Nicknames: Cyn, Dark, The Dark One, Darkness, and Ferndanda.
Relationship status: In a relationship… maybe.
Personality traits: Sarcastic, dark, Mysterious, and awesome.
Hobbies: Making voodoo dolls of disliked customers and co-workers, and collecting video game paraphernalia.


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