Hello World: News

Sorry for the radio silence, as of late!

We have decided to take a short break from posting our regularly scheduled comic. It has been very difficult trying to rush to write/create/release our comic every week, while still making it look good.

So, we are going to take a short break to get a little ahead. We want to make sure you’re getting the best production possible.

Also, I need time to save for a new computer, because this one died, like five times, while trying to write this.

Please check back, because we should be releasing some fun things, every now and then, to fill the silence.

Thank you all so much for enjoying our comic! We hope you are excited for what we have planned!

P.S. Be nice to your Baristas!

Sorry. :(

Hello, world. I have some bad news. We are in the process of moving, and haven’t been able to get our desktop computer hooked up to the internet just yet. So it looks like our comic my come out a day or two late. Please check back over the next couple of days, and we’ll get it up ASAP.

We love you.