Barista Texts

Want to learn more about the Baristas at The Cracked Cup Coffee Co.?
Check out some of the personal conversations between them with “Barista Texts”.

We’ll start posting these every now and then, just for fun. I hope you enjoy them!

Cynthia vs Adyn

Technical Difficulties

I am sad to say, that we will not have a comic today.
We had an incident with our cat  somehow managing to corrupt the file for today’s comic. I promise it will be out as soon as it is finished… again.
Please enjoy our earlier comics, if you haven’t, and check back in the next couple of days for “Issue 13: No more Pumpkin”.

Also, I’m just realizing that our cat is black, and the issue was number 13. I’m not superstitious, but if I was, I wouldn’t be going near any mirrors or ladders today.